workplace Wellness Consultation Service

Our WORKPLACE WELLNESS CONSULTATION SERVICE is designed to assist organizations in promoting the health and well-being of their employees. It involves a comprehensive assessment of the workplace environment, culture, and the physical and mental health needs of employees.


1. Initial Assessment: The consultation service begins with an initial assessment to understand the organization’s goals, employee demographics, and existing wellness programs, if any.
2. Workplace Environment Evaluation: we evaluate the physical workplace environment to identify potential health hazards, ergonomic concerns, and opportunities for improvement in areas such as lighting, air quality, and workspace design.
3. Culture and Policies Analysis: A thorough examination of the company’s culture and policies is conducted to assess how they impact employee well-being. This includes reviewing work hours, work-life balance policies, and stress-inducing practices.
4. Employee Health Needs Assessment: Surveys, questionnaires, and interviews are often used to gauge the physical and mental health needs of employees. These assessments can identify common health issues or concerns.
5. Wellness Program Recommendations: Based on the gathered data, the consultant develops tailored recommendations for wellness programs. These may include initiatives related to physical fitness, mental health, nutrition, and stress mastery.
6. Customized Program Design: we design a wellness program that aligns with the organization’s goals and the specific needs of its workforce. This may involve selecting activities like fitness classes, mental health workshops, or healthy eating seminars.
7. Budget and Resources Planning: Consultants help the organization allocate resources and budget effectively for the implementation of wellness programs. They may provide cost estimates for various initiatives.
8. Implementation Strategy: A detailed plan for rolling out the wellness program is created. This includes a timeline, responsible parties, communication strategies, and methods for tracking progress.
9. Communication and Employee Engagement: we advise on how to effectively communicate wellness program information to employees. Engaging employees through promotional materials, workshops, and incentives is a key component.
10. Measurement and Evaluation: Metrics for assessing the program’s success are established. These might include measuring changes in employee stress levels, engagement, absenteeism, or health-related outcomes. Regular evaluations are scheduled to track progress.

11. Feedback and Adaptation: the importance of obtaining feedback from employees and managers cannot be over emphasised as this helps in making necessary adjustments to the wellness program based on this feedback.
12. Compliance and Legal Considerations: our workplace wellness programs must adhere to legal and ethical standards, including employee privacy and anti-discrimination laws. Consultants ensure that the program complies with these regulations.
13. Training and Education: we may provide training to HR staff, managers, and wellness coordinators within the organization to ensure that they can effectively implement and manage the wellness programs.
14. Documentation and Reporting: Consultants often assist in documenting the outcomes and benefits of the wellness programs and provide regular reports to the organization’s leadership.
15. Long-term Sustainability: we help ensure the organization create a sustainable wellness culture that extends beyond the initial program, fostering a commitment to employee well-being over the long term.


This service operates on a retainership basis which can range from 3, 6 or 9 months.
Aspects of the consultation to be utilised will be determined during the initial strategy session.
At the end of which, we would have worked together to create a healthier, happier, and more productive work environment by addressing both the physical and mental well-being of employees and ensuring that wellness programs align with the organization’s goals and values.

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