About Us

Welcome to The Wellness Boss!

In 2021, The Wellness Boss Company (formerly WellBaby Ng) transitioned from a child and family wellness-centric brand to a fully registered company focused on workplace wellness. This change was necessitated by the pervading mental, physical and social health challenges that arise due to the effects of the COVID pandemic.

There was an increasing number of recorded chronic stress and anxiety cases.
Moreso, the average functional adult spends at least 80% of their wake time either working…or at work.
Our corporate and training experience with businesses, industry leaders and C-suite executives have brought further insight into the predominant workplace challenges which can range from high staff turnover, poor engagement to low productivity and a high level of toxicity.
Because, we know the pivotal role stress plays in all these, we are determined to offer timely and much needed interventions that would help build resilience and an enabling environment for mutual thriving.

Since, 2021, under the leadership of our founder and team lead, Kris, we have been building a growing reputation as a brand that works with organizations, companies, and individuals to boost employee wellbeing and incorporate a conducive corporate wellness culture.

Why Choose us


Traditional Stress Management solutions fail to provide sustainable results because they are based on the wrong premise.

Our services are practical and performance driven. They are founded strictly on the tenets of Stress Mastery and Holistic Living which are uniquely tailored to each of our clients. We don’t do fluff, yet our interventions are sustainable.
We have also partnered with a team of experienced and qualified professionals with the capacity to meet your peculiar workplace and personnel demands.

Our Mission


To inspire workplaces to THRIVE and equip individuals with the right skills to be their best selves, holistically!

Our Core Values


  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Simplicity
  • Excellence
  • Collaboration


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