In the journey through life, challenges often appear as unexpected storms, and sometimes, we actually see these storms coming and threatening to derail us from our paths.

This book is an expression of experiences borne out of adversities faced, where the accompanying stress and its formidable power was transformed into an ally and became a tool for resilience and growth.

About The Author

Hi there, My name is Kris

The Lead Facilitator at The Wellness Boss

With a background that cuts across corporate communication, media marketing, and brand management, I discovered wellness in 2015 upon recovering from a 2-year period of living with complete amnesia caused by a poor attitude toward stress and lifestyle choices.

It became my sole passion to educate and enlighten people about their poor lifestyle choices and how they can begin to boost the quality and by extension the quantity of their lives by imbibing holistic practices.
I produced and hosted radio shows and featured on several TV shows and stations as a resource person. Earning me a recognition as one of 50 influential women in Media by the Women in Journalism initiative in 2016. My interests initially were in Child and Family Wellness. I ran a successful blog called WellBaby for 5 years, convened a family wellness festival tagged “The WellBaby Wellness Train” and also published a digital magazine called “The Wellness Magazine”.
I also kicked off a give back campaign called the “Q-project” designed to help indigenous people experience some form of relief from their societal challenges.

the birth of Rhythms of Resilience

My encounter with amnesia shattered the familiar landscape of my existence, plunging me into a disorientating labyrinth of experiences unknown, forgotten memories and uncertain tomorrows.

Amidst this chaos, I discovered an unexpected ally: stress. Rather than succumbing to its weight, I learnt to harness its energy, focusing its power and channeling it as a force for resilience and adaptation. Through an iterative process, supported by training, reading and introspection, I unearthed techniques that not only helped navigate the turbulent waters of amnesia but became invaluable tools in confronting life’s challenges and leading me into the work I currently am undertaking and very passionate about.

This book is not just a guide or manual; it is a testament to the transformative power hidden within stress. It is a guide for those navigating their own storms, offering practical strategies gleaned from personal experience and supported by research.

Together, let us delve into the intricate dance between stress, mental fortitude and resilience, unraveling the secrets that can help us all, not only survive but thrive in the face of life’s most formidable trials.


Reviewers' remarks


…”I have gone through the book, and I admire the courage and discipline to put down, in some clinical details, all important details about her sour experiences in life and in living.”

…”The book is very rich in content of her lived experience, and I recommend it for reading to learn hard lessons of life from the living of another person on earth.”

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR

Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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