Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Stress is a defense and protective mechanism that kicks in when any sort of demand or pressure is placed on you, which is a shift from your natural comfortable state. This could be exciting or nerve-wracking, or it could even be so mundane you barely notice it

Stress is neither bad or good. Stress is just Stress in its untainted state. However, our reaction or response to Stress determines how it affects us either negatively or positively

Even though they both attend to stress, no, they are not the same. Stress management works from the perception that stress is bad and can be reduced, while stress mastery is founded on the fact that stress exists for our benefit and is a vital aspect of our lives that cannot be reduced or avoided.

Of course. Stress Mastery equips you with the mental skills for resilience while Stress Management encourages a lifestyle of avoidance. Where Stress Mastery gives you ability to be in charge and grow,  Stress Management says you are a victim and keeps you in a loop of not making progress

The very first step you need to take is disabuse your mind from the limiting belief that Stress is bad. Next step, identify the areas where you are sorely stressed. Then book a strategy session and we take it from there.

The benefits are many. A few are; Stress protects us and keeps us safe and alive. Stress gives us the motivation we need to succeed. Stress boosts resilience in us. Stress encourages us to practice mindfulness and be grateful. Stress reminds us we are alive

No. Stress can neither be reduced nor avoided. However, we can work on reducing the effects of chronic stress or master it to the point that it doesn’t get chronic

A stressor is a Stress trigger, and it refers to anyone or anything that places a sort of demand on your resources. Be it time, money, intellect or even emotions.

It’s simple, because they abused and/or misused stress.  Anything has the potential to be bad. Anything at all. The difference is in the use or application of it

It is the conscious and deliberate practice of cultivating a lifestyle that caters to the whole of you. It takes into account every aspect of your pillars of wellness and acknowledges that every decision taken in one aspect has a ripple effect on the other aspects. Holistic Living and stress go hand in hand. Your ability to master stress is dependent on how holistic you are in your approach to living and working.

Neither. Our expertise is in Stress Mastery and holistic Living. However, we are in partnership with relevant experts if for any reason there is a need.

The workplace accounts for the most Stress experienced by an average functional adult and most organisations have no clue as to how to deal with the stress so they tend to abuse or misuse it, which then escalates it to the point it begins to have adverse effects on the staff creating toxicity that affects negatively the organisational bottom-line,  which are productivity and profitability

Yes. Because weight issues are mostly reflections of misused or abused stress.

Toxicity is a function of Stress allowed to degenerate to a chronic level. It indicates a lack of emotional intelligence and maturity and poor communication and coping skills, that Stress Mastery can provide

Working under pressure is Stress yes. But, it is not bad Stress. It’s the lifestyle built around the working under pressure that can make it bad

Yes absolutely. Because everyone, including children experience Stress. Stress is life and life is Stress. It is just what it is. Mastering it helps you conquer the disabling pressure that occurs when faced with challenges

Send us a message and we can work through your particular challenge to determine how we can be of service to you

Yes we do. Right now we have Stress 101: A crash course on Stress Mastery. Other relevant courses are currently being developed.

This is our preferred option of working with organisations.  As a consultancy service , it is mutually beneficial to follow through the process of design, implementation and monitoring to ensure an adherence and also compatibility

There are books in the pipeline. However, you can go to our social media handles or clearly click on our About page

Typically, no. We do make exceptions in some collaborative cases where we accept honorariums

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